Small Business Consultant

When Nick Luke launched his business SLiK Hound with his wife Amy in 2014 he had no idea all the things that he didn’t know about running a successful small business.  Despite being experts at making and selling dog collars it was a long hard road to become proficient at all the skills needed to grow the business. A decade after launching SLiK Hound Nick is now sharing his knowledge and skills with other entrepreneurs scaling their businesses. NL Creator provides websites, graphic design, printed materials, photography, and DIY training for entrepreneurs that want to grow their small business.

Nick's Story

Nick Luke is a man of many experiences.  He was raised in Blue Springs, Mo, a suburb of Kansas City, until he was a teenager and his family bought a Christmas tree farm in 2002. After college he settled in downtown Kansas City with his high school sweet heart where they eventually started a business manufacturing dog collars called SLiK Hound.  In 2017 the couple and their 4 dogs moved to the small town of Lexington, Mo where they still live today.  From urban to rural and everyplace in-between Nick finds camaraderie with entrepreneurs of all kinds. Nick’s work life has been as varied as his addresses. As an employee he has waited tables, pulled espresso ,worked registers, and managed teams.  As a salesmen he has sold vacuums, lawn mowers, new cars, and software. As an entrepreneur Nick has been a home improvement contractor, a dog collar extrodinarie, and a small business consultant. He has even been a licensed bail-bondsman.  Nick's learned from a vast trove of unique and sometimes wild experiences that gives him a unique & valuable perspective on many projects. This makes him an ideal partner to help you translate the best parts of your business into images and content online. Have a chat today with Nick and you’ll quickly see that he is somebody who can make your business better.