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Shopify Websites

Shopify Websites

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Using Shopify for your business not only supercharges your website it seamlessly integrates your online, POS, and invoice payments. It allows entrepreneurs of all stripes and backgrounds the ability to run their online business themselves without costly maintenance from a third party. As an official Shopify Partner NL Creator will build your online business and train you to use it. We work closely with our clients throughout the process and after to ensue your website is effective and your confident operating it.  Schedule a free consultation today to discover what Shopify and NL Creator can do for you.

Why Choose NL Creator

Nick Luke is a Shopify implementation specialists and a Shopify success story. Nick built his first Shopify website for his dog collar business SLiK Hound in 2016. With the power of Shopify and his passion for dogs and their collars Nick grew his business and so can you. It's been so impactful to his life that in addition to SLiK Hound he now builds Shopify websites and trains entrepreneurs on how to use it. His playbook worked for SLiK Hound, it's working for NL Creator clients, and it can work for you.

Shopify Performance

Shopify is the industry leading online platform for e-commerce businesses. It also provides infinite and creative solutions for businesses of all types. It's effective and simple SEO tools make it easier and cheaper to rank higher on google searches. Integrations with a huge and expanding App Store makes adding advanced applications to your website more affordable. Why use the rest when you could be using Shopify?

Our Building Process

Website construction varies greatly from one client to the next. During your consultation we will discuss the completion timeline for the specifics of your project.

Our Process:

1. Website Layout Collaboration This first step creates a map of the website build. Video chat via Zoom or in person meeting (1hr).

2. Products and Collections Template Outline The products or services you sell will be conformed to the Shopify platform. This is the most technical aspect of most website builds. Over the phone or video chat via Zoom (1hr).

3. Business Owner Interview & Questionnaire We use a series of questions during an interview to capture the content that will fill out your website. We may use a questioner via email for followup questions.

Over the phone or video chat via Zoom (1hr)

4. Product and Content Upload Training This is your first training on how to manage your Shopify store. We train you to upload your products onto the customized product templates and edit content throughout your site. Video chat via Zoom or in person (1hr).

5. Website Launch Checklist This step by step approach will be the first tour of your nearly completed website. Some checklist items will be completed during the meeting and others will be homework. Video chat via Zoom or in person (1hr)

6. Shopify Management Course This is the primary training to prepare you for managing your website. We cover every aspect of day to day management for your specific site and review all previously covered skills, .  Video chat via Zoom (1hr).

7. On Demand Training & Support 3 months FREE Zoom support on Shopify management. Once the 3 months is up you can purchase additional support from NL Creator or utilize Shopify's FREE 24/7 support and their helpful community.

Shopify Costs

NL Creator Customized Shopify Websites have a base cost of $1,249.99. This covers the build, all consultations, and the one on one trainings to teach you how to manage the website yourself.

Shopify charges a monthly subscription fee for hosting and support when using their platform. The base Shopify subscription is $39 per month. They also have other subscription offers with additional features.

When selling on Shopify processing fees on credit card transactions are 2.9%. At the higher subscription levels lower processing rates are offered.

One of Shopify's greatest advantages is their App Store. Just like apps on your smart phone you can add apps to your website to increase the functionality of your store. Some apps are free, but most apps cost a monthly fee to use.

Shopify POS app is included at no additional charge. Card reading equipment starts at 49.00

Required Ingredients

Brand Photography

  • Primary homepage image
  • Business in action image
  • The people behind the business image
  • Other focus Image (optional)

Product Photography

  • Image of every product
  • Secondary image of every product (optional)
  • Image of each product collection (optional)


  • Completed Interview and Business Questionnaire
  • Description of each product
  • Product template content


  • Product variations
  • Pricing
  • Shipping weight

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"Becoming a father has had a profound impact on my life. Among the torrent of new emotions is this overwhelming joy of teaching my daughter new things. I get a similar joy helping entrepreneurs be successful. I know first hand the pain of starting a new business and I have so much respect for the courage it takes to be self employed. With NL Creator I have this amazing opportunity to use my experiences and skills to help people accomplish their goals." -Nick Luke

Learn more about Nick and what he can do to help you.