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Its Greased Lightning! Build your own Shopify website with a little help from your friend. You’ll get all the collaborative meetings and trainings via Zoom that are included in my other builds, but the sky is the limit because you are building the store yourself. This is the perfect option if you have the time and interest to master Shopify. If you get stuck or need direction we can cover it during the Zoom meetings. Scheduling is at your own pace. 

Why Choose NL Creator

A website is your business’s store front the world can see. It’s extremely important you get it right. I’ll give you an advantage with my unique skillsets and entrepreneurial experience not found anywhere else. Unlike most web developers I have developed, launched, and operated a successful e-commerce business. After starting under a tent at festivals and expos as a vendor I built a sprawling wholesale network and a thriving e-commerce business. I was successful because of my life experience in sales and my early adoption of Shopify.  With NL Creator your adding my experience to your team where it will impact your business the most, on your website.

Shopify Performance

Wanting to win more races? You'll need a faster car! That is what Shopify does for your business.  It’s the highest performing technology you can get for your business. Shopify optimizes your SEO so you appear higher on google searches. Shopify sites load faster so visitors don’t get bored and leave. With Shopify your website looks better increasing shoppers’ confidence leading to more sales. And that is just the beginning. There is a reason you’ve heard of Shopify before, they are the best. As an official Shopify Partner and a customer for 8 years, let me show you how Shopify will be the best decision you have ever made for your business.

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The Process

Adding a high octane creative sales type like me to package your brand into a winning formula online is as easy as putting the pedal to the metal. 

1. Free Consultation

2. Half of the project cost is paid at the beginning. Payment plans are available. Cash and card accepted.

3. Collaborations via Zoom and document sharing to transfer content and product catalog.

4. Build begins on my Shopify Partner platform.

5. Collaborations via Zoom to shape work in progress and ensure the look you want is achieved.

6. Build is finished! Remaining payment due, unless you're on a payment plan.

7. Training via Zoom so you are ready to manage your store’s GRAND OPENING.

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    I won't stop working until you are 100% satisfied with my work. It might sound old fashioned, but it's true "the customer is always right"!

  • Crew Members Get The Most!

    Creator Crew Members get double the consultation and training time on any of my services. Discover the perks of Creator Crew Membership.

My journey as an entrepreneur has been one full of self discovery. Time reveals so much. What initially attracted me to entrepreneurship was the freedom to make my own choices and to be passionate about my work. I love dogs, so dog collars seemed like my path to happiness in life. After 8yrs of building & operating SLiK Hound, steering it through the pandemic, and then becoming a father did I finally realize what my passion in life truly is. Thanks to my daughter I have come to understand the joy of teaching and mentoring. The feeling I get helping others learn or achieve is more gratifying than reaching any goal I have ever set for myself. My life’s passion isn’t running a dog collar business, it’s helping and mentoring others who want to have their own successful business and the freedom that comes with it. With this realization launching NL Creator was a natural evolution of my journey. I am offering my services to passionate entrepreneurs who are ready to cross their finish and reach their goals.